About Village Birth & Babies

Village Birth & Babies, led by Jessica Gonzales, provides non-judgmental Full Spectrum Doula support before, during and after pregnancy.

Once upon a time we were surrounded by a community of women who explained birth to us, eased our fears, supported us and our partners and built our faith in the labor process. These folks would come into our homes to support us during the birth of our children and during the recovery period. They used their own experiences and knowledge to guide and nurture the new family. It truly took a Village.

Sadly, this village mentality of community has been lost.  Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States and has a population of over 2.1 million people! It’s up to us to create our own version a support Village. I believe in providing care to all people on their journey through pregnancy and birth. When you call us, you call on our entire Village.

More About Jessica

Jessica Gonzales

Jessica Gonzales


I’ve wanted to be a part of the birthing process for as long as I can remember. My introduction to women’s health started at UTMB in Houston where I worked in the Regional and Maternal Child Heath Program. I was mentored by a group of midwives who taught me that pregnancy and birth should not be treated as an illness but embraced as an empowering event in a woman’s life. I also worked with and learned a great deal from a group of Ob/Gyns that specialized in high risk pregnancies and births. Working with both groups taught me the importance of applying the principals of the Midwifery Model of Care to all births, in or out of the hospital.

I began spending my weekends at the birth center witnessing births and instantly fell in love with everything about it. But it was the first birth that I attended that eventually lead me to become a doula. She was a 16 year old, first time mom who was alone and terribly afraid. I held her hand and tried to comfort her as she cried out for her own mother. I knew at that moment that I never wanted another woman to ever feel so helpless or alone at a time when she should be rejoicing. I spent the subsequent years becoming more and more involved in women’s health determined to empower women and families. My passion for birth has evolved to include a love of educating expectant and new families.

My philosophy on birth is that we are perfectly designed to give birth. Where and how that happens is unique to each woman. As a doula my job is not to judge or make decisions for you. My job is to make sure that you have enough evidence based information to make an informed decision about your care and to then provided unconditional support to you and your partner no matter what type of birth you choose. I’ve supported all types of families at all types of births.

My goal is to give you the birth experience that will empower you as a parent. What you take away from your birth experience will influence your choices as a parent and ultimately your relationship with your child.